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Jean Claude Muscat, CEO of Saint James Hospital Group, about their projects realized in cooperation with ACENDIS and their future activities:

In the few years we have known and worked with ACENDIS, we have built a relationship based on respect, trust and commitment to excellence. This provides companies such as us, who are dealing with challenging environments and complex projects, with the required peace of mind, which is so important when involved in major healthcare initiatives.

The aggressive yet smart approach by ACENDIS in continuing to grow and expand in existing territories as well as in new ones supports our business vision and culture. They are the ideal partner for hospital owners seeking to develop and complete projects without being faced with unnecessary hurdles and bureaucratic obstacles, but rather enjoy the benefits of having a shared goal, which is completing projects successfully and moving on to the next hand in hand with a partner. This is a long term partnership. The heathcare insdustry is a complex and expensive one and partners such as ACENDIS play a curcial role in supporitng the growth of development of companies such as ours.

Acendis Healthcare

Acendis Healthcare


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