For many years, ACENDIS has been working in the field of German export credit agencies and insurances. Use the advantages of a German finance solution as a key element for your project start.

Because of our cooperation with the Euler Hermes Credit Insurance, which is commissioned by the government to facilitate export projects, and different banks like the LBBW, ING DIBA or the Commerzbank we are able to help our clients or their banks to find attractive financing solutions in Germany. The most important requirement, 50% of the financed goods having to be of German origin, can easily be fulfilled due to the strong market presence of German manufacturers in the field of medical technology.


Because of the government commission, it is possible for clients in aspiring economic areas to gain access to financing solutions from Germany. In this constellation, we assume the essential role as the general exporter and offer a central experienced contact for our clients.

Advantages of a German ECA:

  • Lower interest than ECA competitors outside Europe
  • Much lower interest rates than local financing
  • Easily achievable country allocation in healthcare sector
  • ECA with longest history

Exemplary party constellation


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