As a provider of Turn Key solutions, ACENDIS is able to assist during a project from the beginning until the end. We are also able to offer each part/segment of a project separately or to step in at any given stage over the course of a project to guide it to the desired success. The early connection of individual work steps and processes via a central and experienced service provider like ACENDIS saves time and money, because instead of coordinating different contractors and suppliers, you only have to deal with a single contact.

Advantages of ACENDIS

  • One contact for procurement, project management, installation, training and after-sales service
  • Independent from manufacturers
  • Custom solutions for every client
  • Assistance for every step over the course of a project
  • Reduced costs for your project – equipment and staff
  • Faster project execution


The planning process of a project is the foundation of its success. Part of the planning process are:

  • Project evaluation

At first, it has to be determined, in which phase a project is situated. This is done with the help of a questionnaire: What kind of hospital does the client plan? Which kind of services shall be provided? What size is the facility supposed to be? Where should it be located? In which constructing phase is the shell of the building?


Hospital management / Business plan

If requested, we in cooperation with our client, develop a business plan based on the project evaluation and the planned service portfolio of the facility. This has the advantage, that the planning process can be even more individually suited to the exact requirements of the client.

Medical planning / Room layout data sheets

During the medical planning size, layout and location of all rooms of the facility are determined together with architects from us or the client. This guarantees an optimal workflow in the finished facility. Afterwards a bill of quantity containing medical and non-medical devices and furniture is drawn up. Here we work according to international standards as required by the client (FGI, NHS or Australasian Standards)


Determination of technical specifications

The technical specifications of each single device are determined according to the requirements and the budget of the client. The herby produced data sheets can be used for tenders and inquiries to the manufacturers.

Technical valuation & Bid matching

ACENDIS in coordination with the client assigns a suitable brand to the required specifications. Another round of re-evaluation is performed regarding technical requests and budget until the most optimal device has been found.

Independent consulting

ACENDIS is not bound to certain manufacturers. Therefore, we can use our knowledge about the strength and weaknesses of individual devices to the best interest of our clients. We provide for example ventilation devices from Löwenstein Medical, OR-lamps from SIMEON or operating tables from medifa. You want or need a device from another manufacturer? No Problem! As a provider of TURN-KEY solutions, we successfully worked together with almost all important manufacturers during one of our projects. This is a significant advantage over manufacturer bound suppliers. The final order is based on the customer provided or developed bill of quantity. In the end, you as the client decides which device suits your needs best. We provide consulting during the whole project and support you during the communication and planning with the manufacturers.

Room Design

Mithilfe der Bedarfsliste werden finale Layout Datenblätter für jeden einzelnen Raum erstellt, auf denen neben Medizintechnik und Mobiliar noch weitere wichtige Raumanforderungen wie beispielsweise geforderte Anschlüsse und Lage im Workflow vermerkt werden.