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About Acendis

Our company headquarters is located in the heart of Europe, the worldwide leading region in the field of medical technology. The close proximity to important manufacturers in the market has given us the opportunity to build a strong network, through which we can offer our clients expertise and fast delivery of medical hardware.

Because of our special connection to the Turkish market and the Middle East we concluded a lot of successful projects in this region with satisfied customers. In the last few years we also successfully finished projects in the MENA Region (Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Djibouti).

Thanks to the experience we gathered in the last 25 years, we are able to organize and implement purchasing processes for medical facilities all over the world. Here we rely on our know-how in the fields of planning, procurement and financing – all “Made in Germany!”.

Our working process starts long before the actual order of the needed devices. Often, we are already contacted during the planning process of a new hospital and are therefore able to improve the planning security of our clients for the whole project.

Even if the task is “only” the procurement of devices from different manufacturers and the coordinated delivery in the context of a rebuilding- or renovation project: our experience offers a valuable addition to our client’s projects. They can depend on the reliable delivery of their devices in the desired time frame. Everybody who has been in charge of a big procurement project knows the invaluable advantage of this. We fulfil the highest expectations for intensive care units and patient wards. Optimized technical equipment and furniture secure an optimal monitoring and treatment of your patients. Colors and shapes support the healing process and the wellbeing of the patients. Modern and practical patient wards, carefully planned in size and functionality, guarantee safe treatment and profitability of the hospital. The medical staff is perfectly supported in technological and logistical aspects which leads to secure workflows in your facility.


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